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Top refrigerator brands in India

refrigerator brands in india

Selecting the right out of so many available refrigerator brands in India could be confusing. So instead of being brand loyal and biased,select your refrigerator with respect to its feature and suiting your requirement.Here are few points which may help you make the right purchase decision.


  1. Power consumption – Select from one star to five star rating.Higher the rating means lesser power consumption but costs little premium.
  2. Capacity/Size – Measured in Ltr., don’t buy a large refrigerator where you can’t use the space optimally.For family of 4-6 persons 210 Ltr. is enough but depending on the amount of frozen food  they consume.
  3. Aesthetics – Placing it inside your kitchen, it must compliment the wall color and the kitchen cabinets.Follow the latest trends in color,pattern like metallic and designer ones.
  4. Price – You don’t have to pay a very high premium for the fridge you are looking to buy.Do homework on internet,go through brand and price comparisons and then visit the retail store.Your buying decision should be “value for money”.
  5. Warranty – A longer term warranty not only assures you but it also tells that companies are confident in their product or particularly in that model. So you may a little extra and avail extra warranty.
  6. Make of compressor – Not all the compressors are manufactured by the companies themselves. Check for the compressor make in the model you have selected and do a research on make of the compressor.
  7. After Sales service – through word of mouth or review/blogs on internet.

Here is a comprehensive list of top refrigerator brands in India available in major retail stores.Click on names to surf through their refrigerator models.

  1. LG
  2. Samsung
  3. Godrej
  4. Whirlpool
  5. Videocon
  6. Siemens
  7. Electrolux
  8. Panasonic
  9. Hitachi
  10. Haier
  11. Sharp
  12. IFB
  13. Kelvinator
  14. Bosch
  15. GE
  16. Toshiba
  17. Voltas – Details Not available in their website
  18. Kenstar – Details Not available in their website
  19. Sansui – Details Not available in their website
  20. Koryo – Imported and available at Future group/Big Bazaar chain of retail stores.
  21. Next – Imported and available at Next chain of retail stores.
  22. Croma – Imported and available at Croma chain of retail stores.
  23. Connect – Imported and available at Reliance Digital chain of retail stores.
  24. Fisher & Paykel – Not available in retail market.

Select the right refrigerator and gift  your home a functionally beautiful appliance.


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