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Top Tips on Kitchen Ornaments Ideas for Christmas 2013

When it comes that time of the year again to start decorating your home for Christmas, don’t forget about the kitchen. The kitchen is where you will probably spend most of your time over the festive season. So make it feel extra special with ornament ideas for Christmas.

By: Allen Garvin

1.Make a Centerpiece Ornament

Take a bowl or vase made out of clear glass and fill it up with Christmas balls. Make sure the container is large and use it in the center of the room. This is an inexpensive way to make any kitchen fit in with the spirit of Christmas.

2.Glasses filled with Candy Canes

Use tall clear glasses and fill them up with candy canes till the glasses are overflowing. This is a great way for your guests and family members to munch on these delectable sweets. All that is needed is to top up the glass every now and again. Candy canes are a popular way to decorate any room in the house including the Christmas tree.

3.Holiday Candles

You can either buy candles that already have Christmas themes on. Or you could decorate your own buying either colors such as red and green. Make sure you buy a base or a holder so that the wax does not end up all over your surfaces or floors.

You can additionally use a large candle as a centerpiece in your kitchen. Use a dish at the bottom and fill the dish up with a bed of tinsel to add that extra touch. You can use these types of candles again the following year or just buy new ones.

4.Cookie Plate

Everybody loves cookies, mince pies and all sorts of delectable treats over the festive season. Make sure you bake a ton of cookies and decorate them with colored icing to stay with the Christmas theme. Keep topping the plate up and you will keep your kids and guests happy all through Christmas.

5.Green Wreaths

Hanging a green wreath in your kitchen can add a wonderful aroma to the room. Make sure you buy a few at the beginning of the Christmas season and use them all over the home to create a wonderful fresh feeling. Along with a great scent that will keep the Christmas spirit alive.

6.Floating Candles

Another great ornament for Christmas in your kitchen is taking a large glass bowl and filling it nearly to the top with water. Take a bunch of tea light candles preferably green and red ones and place them on top of the water. Light the candles every time you are expecting guests. The effect is amazing and you can even switch the lights off when you are not busy in the kitchen. The soft glow from the candles gives off a warm and homely feeling.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on decorating your kitchen this year. These few tips can make your kitchen look great for the Christmas season.

Author : Vince Bradley is an appliance technician. He is specializing in kitchen appliance repair. He loves to write about home appliance. He works for ABCAuthorizedRepair in Studio City, CA.

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