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Top Tips to Renovate your Wide Spaced Basement

Basement renovation is a quite tough job to done. It should be look like a recreation room where you can add a welcome touch. And can consume this wide space in a beneficial manner. I have been visited several houses but never find something unique and extravagant in basement.

Some people prefer to use their basement as a play room for kids some like to use it as a guest room, some make it a library and some people decide to make it a storage room.

I am all alone in my house so do not have any stress of luggage placement. But I won’t waste that wide spaced area. So I thought to use my basement for party hosting.

Budget Plan:

Before starting, I considered some factors to determine. The first and foremost factor was making a suitable budget plan. I made a list of some important items to purchase and cut all those disturbing items which were making my budget upset. Because I was not taking the services of any interior decorator. I was all alone to perform everything with careful intentions.

Furnishing of the Area:

I was planning to use some budget friendly furnishing techniques. I bought some inexpensive but latest and decently designed 6 tables and few chairs. Then I bought beautiful but all same colored table clothes. Two big black sofa sets also purchased. One placed at the start and other at the corner.

A big beautiful and colorful lantern also placed at the center of roof, which was good enough to increase the decency of basement. Moreover I planned the arrangement of flood lights because it is considered must in every party, especially if you are hosting a dance party.

Insulation of Basement:

Basement insulation is must to acquire for temperature controlling and moisture prevention. So I decide to take services of experts to make it preventive and adjusting.

Decoration Tips:

Now the problem was to design the area according to the need. I bought some decoration pieces in which beautiful vases, some artificial floral plants, and some small frames on the shelves. I also hanged some paintings and sceneries on the front walls. But that was not enough especially if you are decorating your place for party hosting. So during brainstorm I discovered a wonderful and unique idea of photo printing on canvas which was good enough to give a stylish and absorbent look.

Counter Decoration:

After that I turned towards counter decoration. I settled some glasses and vine bottles in the open shelves. Some chairs around counter and filled empty spaces with small lovely roses and decorative items. Counter walls were looking dull and unattractive. So I thought to order some beautiful but cheap canvas prints in which party food items were displayed amazingly. Now my decoration was almost completed.

Casualty Facing:

I was living in that area of UK where sometimes we have to face the threats of floods especially when the temperature turns to – degrees. To fight out with that situation I avoided using carpets in basement. I used stone and tile flooring on different parts of basement to keep it safe in heavy rain or flood.

 Small Library:

While decorating the basement don’t be specified. Add some entertaining items for your guests so that they able to stay with full fun and joy. I made small library at the back side of basement and settled some literature, historical and entertaining books.

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