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Once it is decided to outsource the carpet cleaning task to a professional agency, our next concern will be budget and the time taken for the work. We do not go further and enquire the exact work the cleaners do, the type of equipments and chemicals they use etc. But it is always worth having a good knowledge of the entire carpet cleaning task and equipments before assigning the work. Here is a short peep into the equipments that are generally used by professional carpet cleaners.

  1. Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine: Offices and other commercial spaces cannot afford to leave the carpet wet for a longer duration as the volume of traffic is high in such places. These are the places where dry carpet cleaning machines are generally used. In this method a dry cleaning agent is put deep inside the carpet fiber using the machine and allowed to set for 15 to 30 minutes. After this time period, the machine is set in vaccum cleaning mode and using high suction vaccum the cleaning agent and dirt is removed from the carpet. This machine has the advantage that since steam or water is not used for cleaning, the carpet remains dry throughout and there is no risk of soapy residue or mold formation. Moreover it removes dirt permanently. But the drawback of this machine is that it does not kill dust mite and bacteria.

  2. Steam Carpet Cleaning Machine: This machine can be used for residential cleaning purpose where 100% drying within a short span of time is not required. This machine has two sections. One section holds hot water and cleaning solution and the other section holds dirty water after cleaning. When the machine is switched on, it injects water and cleaning solution deep in between the carpet fiber. The fiber is then cleaned using a rotating brush attached to the machine. Once the carpet is cleaned, the machine can be pulled in the opposite direction to suck in all the dirty water. This machine makes use of both hot and cold water for cleaning carpet. This machine has the advantage of killing about 99% of dust mites. These machines are ideal for DIY cleaning as it is less expensive when compared to other machines. The flip side of this machine is that it takes a longer duration for the carpet to dry sometimes upto 8 hours. It may not dry the carpet deep down and hence there is the risk of mold formation. Moreover soapy residue might set in that affects the lifespan of the carpet.

  3. Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Machine: This machine has a large buffer on which a cleaning pad soaked in cleaning solution is placed. When the machine is switched on, the pad moves over the carpet and absorbs all the dirt. The solution that is normally used in this type of machine contain bleach which makes the carpet look bright and new. The main advantage of bonnet carpet cleaning machine is that it is very affordable and dries the carpet very fast usually within 30 minutes. The cleaning work  can also be finished within a shorter time span. The major drawback of this machine is that, it does not push the cleaning agent deep into the carpet. Hence only the surface dirt can be removed using this machine. Sometimes this machine might leave swirl marks on the surface.

  4. Truck Mounted Extraction Machine: This is one of the most powerful carpet cleaning machine currently in use. This machine has a hose that is mounted on a truck. This hose sprays hot water and cleaning solution with great pressure on to the carpet that it loosens all the dirt in the carpet. The dirt is then vaccumed up by the hose. The success of using this machine depends on the right mixture of solution, temperature of water and using the correct pressure.  In this method, the chemicals, noisy machine and water buckets that are used for cleaning is kept outside the house. The cleaners bring only the hose inside the house for cleaning purpose. Hence there are only less cleaning equipments entering the house which is the main advantage of truck mounted extraction machine. Moreover,the time taken for cleaning is much less when compared to portable machines as there is no task related to unloading and moving of machines. The main drawback of this machine is that the operating cost is very high as the machine itself is very expensive. Hence people who are tight on budget may not prefer Truck Mounted Extraction Machine for cleaning.

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Author Bio: Susan Johns is a freelance guest blogger in the home decor/improvement niche and work on behalf of various clients. During her free time she likes doing crochet work and spending time with her kids.


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