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Types of Bay Windows for Your Home

Constructing a bay window for your home is a good idea as it enhances any design and adds curb appeal. It also aids in ventilation and lets in more light to an otherwise dark room. The added square footage will also give a more defined dimension to the building.

A bay window is a type of window that is popular among homes. It extrudes from the main exterior wall and can be customized to have your desired number and shape of windows. You can have the windows shaped in a square, round or polygonal, depending on the room to have it constructed and your personal preference.

To decide on the type bay windows to construct in your home, here is a list of the types of bay vinyl windows to choose from.

Box Bay Window
This is the most common bay window constructed in traditional homes. The 90-degree angle makes the window look like a box. Usually, the bay windows are composed of one large window, which is flanked by two smaller windows on each side. The inside of this type of window is usually fitted with a sitting area or shelves to make use of the space.

Bow Window
This type of bay window has four or more paned window segments that follow a rounded pattern. It is a softer version of the angular bay window. It is great for large rooms, such as living rooms and dining rooms. You choose to dress it up or keep it plain with your collections on display on the sill.

Circle Bay Window
It looks similar to the bow window, but tends to be closer to a circle. It protrudes significantly from a building in a smooth circular manner. You can usually see it at the corners of buildings, in master bedroom suites, dining rooms and living rooms.

Oriel window
Often constructed in the upper levels of a building, the Oriel window is a type of bay window that is supported by brackets or corbels. The window does not reach the ground and often made as upper level porch area. You can see this window in castles, old buildings and churches in elaborate designs.

When constructing windows for your home or any building, consider as well certain features as energy efficiency, durability, heat gain and insulation. With the right type of windows and materials, you can gain more than aesthetic appeal, but cost savings as well.

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