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Unique Garage Door Openers

Garage doors can be as unique as the homes themselves. Garage door openers have also developed technologically to be unique and specialized. Before discussing the individual garage door opener technologies, understanding what a garage door opener does is important to understanding the great technological developments.

What does a Garage Door Opener Do?

A garage door opener is a motorized device that opens and closes the garage door. The first electric garage door opener was invented in 1926 and quickly gained popularity and widespread use and continued development for its efficient application. Electric garage door openers are based on a powered electric motor that is attached to a track. A trolley is then attached on top of the garage door to slide back and forth on the track to open and close the door.

This unit typically hangs above the garage door. A quick release mechanism is attached to the trolley unit so the garage door can be disconnected from the opener during an emergency or power outage, and manually operated. The power control is ordinarily mounted on the wall in the garage. When activated, the motor receives a signal and opens or closes the door. The tension springs on the garage door actually do the lifting while the opener simply determines how far the door opens and closes.

Remote Openers

The advent to wireless openers was a huge step in garage door technology. The earliest remote openers were merely a transmitter and receiver controlling the remote. The transmitter transmitted a specific frequency which was then picked up by the receiver as a radio signal. This then opened or closed a door. Since these early openers relied on the same radio transmission signals, once a signal was transmitted, multiple garage doors might open at once. This led to the creation of multi-code systems.

These garage door openers have a unique digital code that avoids interference with nearby systems. The multi-code systems, however, are vulnerable to security breaches since code scanners can easily record and pour through possible code combinations in a short amount of time. To solve this problem, rolling code frequencies were developed.

The signal in rolling code transmission is significantly different from other remote control systems. By encoding a transmitted code, the opener regularly adjusts its code sequence to prevent security breaches and open and close only for the correct remote control signal.

Other Unique Opener Features

Over the years various features have been added to garage door openers to make them more efficient and more secure. Automatic, motion sensor lights that turn on when the door is opened and off after a set time are common in many modern garage door openers. Remote locking features are an added security feature more many doors. These function by turning off the radio signal and are useful when one is away for extended periods of time.

Other features like wireless keypads, fingerprint based keypads, keychain remotes, deadbolts, and carbon monoxide sensors can be added to many garage door openers to enhanced safety and convenience for the user.

By Ben Vaughn

Ben Vaughn writes extensively on choosing a garage door, garage doors in Ogden, understanding how garage doors work, and selecting the most unique and expressive


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