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Vending Machines: An Innovation

With the change in technology and inventions people started using new products and soon, the new inventions became a history.  Every machine that we see around us has some history. When I saw a vending machine I had the desire to know about it and here with this article I am going share all the information about vending machines.

Introduction: Vending means to sell products for a living. Vending is hawking or exchange of goods for a decided sum of money. Vending machines are very popular electronic machines and these machines give the user products or goods such as snacks, drinks, lottery tickets, coffee and various other products when they insert a currency into the machine, this is the reason these machines are also called as coin-operated machines.

History and Evolution: Do you know the interesting thing about vending machine? The first thing or product that came out from a vending machine was not a snack, food product, coffee or any soft drink, but it was Holy Water. A Greek mathematician named Alexandria wrote about an innovative way to dispense Holy water in Egyptian temples in his book named “Mechanics and Optics” during the first century.

    There is a pan that is attached to the lever, so when a coin is inserted inside it feels on the pan and the valve is opened from which holy water came out. With this mechanism water was vend in Egyptian temples. With this after many centuries vending machines were introduced commercially in London.  After this when in 1880’s time vending machines were offered that dispense post cards or books.

    Later in the end of 19th century the first coin-operated vending machine was presented to be used by the public in London, United Kingdom. These machines also dispatch post cards.

    Further, small figures were inserted inside the machines that were displayed when a transaction get complete. This concept was introduced by a company and soon it becomes a popular way to increase the sales.

    With the passage of time soon there has been more advancement and this result in more innovative vending machines. Time after time there was introduction of vending machines that dispatch soft drinks, cigarettes, coffee, insurance vending machines, sandwiches and various other products.

    At the time of 90’s with the specialization some famous coffee brands were available in hot drink coffee machine market and you might have heard the names of the famous coffee brands which are espresso and cappuccino.

Present Scenario: Today, you can see vending machines at various public places, hospitals, courthouses, schools, waiting areas, repair shops and various other places. These machines are convenient for people as many a time it happens that we do not have time to buy a product waiting in the store. Moreover, these machines are quickly accessible and easy to operate. These are also an effective way to earn revenue. In present time increased security is provided in vending machines and you can have wide variety of products selection.

Types: There are various types of vending machines available today provided by vending machine suppliers and even custom vending machines are also available. Touch screen vending machines are also introduced and with them user can also play games and can send gifts to their friends via these vending machines.

These machines come in variety of design, shapes and cost and are electrically or mechanically operated. Few of the popular vending machines are as follows:

    Soda Vending Machine
    Snack Vending Machine
    Candy/Gumball Vending Machine
    Medical Vending Machine
    Coffee Vending Machine
    Popcorn Vending Machine
    Cigarette Vending Machine
    Food and Toy vending machines
    Customized Vending Machines
    Soft Drinks Vending Machine

Working: A vending machine works on several techniques and the most common techniques are as follows:

    Optical Sensing: In optical sensing the photo cell read the patters of dots present on the bills and detect what type of bill was inserted.

    Magnetic Sensing: This works almost similar to audio tapes and the machine can detect the magnetic signature and value on the dollar when a small magnetic reader is passed over the head sections of the dollar.

Plus Points Of Vending Machines: Most of us are a regular user of vending machines or might have used or seen these machines somewhere. These machines are very convenient both for the owner and the buyer. Here go with certain benefits of vending machines:

    Healthy Food
    Accessible Snacks
    Product Variety
    Convenient
    Saves Time
    Easy To Operate
    Money Maker
    Variety of Payment Options

Vending machines now also vend items like cell phones and DVDs, so they have far more benefits instead of just providing food and drinks.  Vending machine has various advantages in business and one can easily rent or buy these machines according to their need from a best vending machine supplier. This is an effective way to earn profit and even many companies are using these machines at their workplaces to give a good environment and facilities to their employees.
 Author bio-

I am Ian Baker, owner of Westways vending-vending machine supplier. I have been writing on Food and Beverages related topics since past 3 years. I love to motivate people towards their health through my articles. In the above article, my aim is to make people aware about vending machines. For more information on use of vending machines, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus and view our videos on our YouTube channel.

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