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Ways to Spruce Up your Bathroom

Does your bathroom need a makeover, but you don’t have the budget for a contractor or major remodeling job? Don’t sweat it! There are tons of simple things you can do to freshen up this practical room and give it a little flair? Start thinking outside of the box and get ready to do some aggressive bargain shopping to make some home improvement magic happen.

How about a Fresh Coat of Paint?

There’s nothing like a new coat of paint to brighten up a room. You may find this holds especially true in your bathroom, where mildew is likely to stain your walls if you don’t have proper ventilation. There are a couple of things that you can do to take care of that problem. The first would be to get a good cleaner and scrub your walls like there’s no tomorrow. Or, if hazardous chemicals aren’t your things, you can bring in a small dehumidifier – or even a box fan – to help eliminate the dampness of the room. Once you’ve done this, your next step is to get to painting.

If you really want a bargain when it comes to paint, go online and look for coupons (there are more than you’ll know what to do with), and call your local home improvement center for any clearance and mistake paint prices. You’ll never know if someone accidentally ordered the exact paint you’re looking for unless you make the call. In terms of clearance paints, you’ll often find an assortment of mistakes or shades that were mixed before the customer had a revelation about another color they wanted even more. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to find paint for as little as five dollars a gallon.

Another advantage to using this approach for your paint is the fact that you may take a walk on the wild side and pick a hue that is completely different from anything else you’ve ever used. The world is your oyster, and the bathroom your haven, so make it your own!

Bargain Bathroom Shopping

You’d be amazed at what you can discover at your local dollar store. For a niche that is typically looked down upon, whoever opened the first dollar store was a genius. From new shower curtains and liners to window curtains, floor mats, and bathroom accessories, you can literally find most of what you’ll need at a dollar shop. With some even offering a nice selection of bath and hand towels, you can revamp that drab bathroom for pennies on the dollar. Check out the clearance sections of your hardware, local home improvement and other retail shops in your area. The savings you can rake in are sizeable, and who would complain about saving money?!

Think Vanities and Shelving!

Something as simple as a new bathroom vanity and some shelving can really add a nice touch to your bathroom. Check out your local improvement center’s clearance section. Oftentimes people will make custom orders for a building project, only to decide to go in a different direction. You can also find inexpensive options throughout the store and in other department stores. You may be selecting the low-end model, but could be pleasantly surprised at the effect these make on the look of your bathroom. Shelving is a great alternative as well. It can create additional storage for toothbrushes and towels, and works wonders for decorating and providing depth in your bathroom.

Think about a Theme

You might love to get creative and run with a theme for your bathroom, and if you feel compelled, run with it! Do you want to be reminded of a trip to your favorite beach? Check out your local dollar shops and thrift stores to help you find clear glass jars and bowls that can be filled with colorful glass beads, stones, or seashells. Go with neutral and natural colors and decorative accents that enhance the atmosphere. If you’re in a playful mood, you can go with some bright, bold colors that make a splash.

It’s easier than you could imagine transforming your bathroom into a work of art. With just a little time and effort, and some research, you can find the right décor, color scheme, and look that’s right for you and your family. Your bathroom might not become the centerpiece of your home, but with a little work, you can add pizazz and wow your guests with your hard work. So, what are you waiting for? Get started designing your new bathroom look today!

Rachael Jones is a blogger for DIYMother, where women aren’t afraid to use power tools in a dress.

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