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Wedding Flowers In Philippines For Every Season

Flowers are an important part of the weddings and create a gaudy overall environment. Flowers need to be decorated according to the venue and the season also. The time of the wedding event also plays a major role in determining the overall décor and the color of flowers that need to be selected. It is important to choose those flowers that are available according to the season and their cost will be economical. I will discuss a few favorite flowers that can be used as wedding flowers also in Philippines, throughout the year.


•The tropical and humid climate of Philippines is great for the growth of various flowering plants. There is a good deal of different types of flowers available in Philippines and they are also exported to different countries of the world. Most of the flowering plants are native but some of the plants have been introduced later.

•Arabian jasmine

which is also known as sampaguita jasmine is known as national flower of Philippines and is found in different parts of the island. It is basically a veining plant that has bright green leaves and can grow up to the height of more than nine feet. There is no particular season for this plant to bloom as; you will find it blooming throughout the year. The flowers of this plant are pure white in color and they also have a powerful yet sweet smell. When these flowers start to fade their color changes from white to pink eventually.

These flowers are basically waxy to the touch and consist of eight petals that are arranged in the manner of a star. There are also few wild versions of this national flower and they also produce little purple colored berries. But the plants under cultivation do not produce these berries. These flowers are used for wedding events and for decorating the venue also.

•Waling –

waling, is one of the most popular orchid flower plants that is found in Philippines and is basically grown in Mindanao. This flower plant is also known to be the queen of all orchid flowers. The main reason is basically the size of the flowers, which is quite impressive. Apart from the size the shape and overall texture of the petals that form a flower is also stunning. Flowers have a yellow color and have different purple and reddish marks on them. This flower plant can grow up to the height of more than feet.


This flower is also used widely for wedding décor and is perfect for the summer season or spring wedding events. This flower is mostly used for the outdoor or beach side wedding events as it adds more grace to the occasion.

•Lipstick plant

is a popular air plant that is found in shady areas of Philippines. Flowers of this plant are bright red and possess the shape of a tube. The overall beauty of the plant is worth noticing as it has red flowers, bright green leaves and a nice stem growing on the trunks of different trees.


This plant is widely used for decorating the wedding aisle and also the wedding platform. It is great for indoor and night time wedding events.

•The famous cut flowers of Philippines include roses, carnations, sampaguita, asters and gladioli. Different colors and types of this flower are used in wedding ceremonies by the locals.

I hope that, you are familiar with a few types of wedding flowers that are found in Philippines. If, you have any other recommendations for the wedding flowers found or used in Philippines kindly share them.


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