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Why Brass Rod Is Important – Its Popular Applications

The metal industry as a whole is a market that appears to be flourishing the world over. You only need to undertake a quick online search to see that there are hundreds of suppliers with Australia, not to mention all of those in other countries that are willing to import. Brass rod is one material that is becoming increasingly popular, as it has many applications and is so yellow in colour that it actually resembles gold. For some more information on brass and to learn about its popular applications, please read on.

Brass is produced by mixing metal elements together. The basic metals used for this process are copper and zinc; the former lends its colouring to the finished product, whereas the latter provides it with durability. The more zinc comprised within a brass rod the stronger it will be. Some manufacturers are also known to mix in other elements in order to provide the rod with different features. Tin, for example, is used to make the metal rust-resistant, whilst lead is used to improve its overall durability.

It is possible to find brass rod in a number of applications in this day and age, some of them including:

  • Mechanical Industry – These rods are often used to create fittings and valves, which are used in many sectors of this industry. Brass is used because of its resistance to corrosion and its reliability, as no one wants to waste time waiting for repairs. It is also extremely versatile and can be used for all kinds of fittings and valves, from ball to safety.
  • Transport Industry – These rods are often used to create small precision components for high quality connectors within vehicles. Brass is often used because of its good workability, high precision and excellent surface qualities. You will find this metal in the devices that control the seats, central locks, rain sensors and onboard computers.
  • Gifts/Decorative Industry – These rods are often used to create many of the products that can be purchased in gift and decorative stores around the world, such as picture frames and knick-knacks. This metal is often used because it provides good results in machining and forming, leaving a surface that is perfectly smooth and resistant.
  • Music Industry – These rods are also widely used in the music industry, specifically in the creation of musical instruments. Brass is a common material for a whole section of instruments, but you will also find it in some of the smaller components of other sections. It is perfect for valves and tubes that pass air around and change the sound.

As you can see, brass rod is important for a number of applications that we take for granted every day of our lives. Without this extremely durable and versatile metal, we would find that many of the objects in our homes and workplaces cannot actually exist or that they would be produced using sub par materials that simply aren’t up to the task. The next time you are looking for a type of brass to use in an application, you should consider whether rod is the best solution for your needs or not.

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