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Why buy New ! When you can repair furniture

People want to change furniture for many reasons.

  • Old and unusable furniture
  • New look for the interior of your home
  • Matching shades with other element of your home
  • Change in taste
  • Change in trends
  • Change because they love shopping

When you decide to replace your old furniture with new ones,give a second thought.Because you can do lot with your old furniture and make it trendy.

If you are using panel based modular furniture made out of low quality boards, it is advisable to dump it after a certain period of time.But otherwise you can play around with the components of your old furniture and be creative.You may amaze others with it’s outcome.You can do few things yourself but hiring a professional is better,lets see how and where we can apply modifications.


If you are using solid wood furniture,you can apply different color on it and maintain a desired sheen on it which matches the interior of your home.


Change the fabric of your furniture or replace it with a leather one.There are plenty to choose from a fabric/leather shades to suit your home interior.


Do a coating or paint on the metal parts of your old furniture. You can also change the metal parts for e.g.  if you are using a powder coated or paint based, you may now opt to replace those with stainless steel.Before doing so just check out the raw material and other resources available and how much modifications will be required to the other parts of furniture.


When you are changing major parts of your furniture, you may also change it’s hardware like handles,legs etc for more durability and performance.


Change some panels of your furniture like doors(shutters),table tops or mix match with both.

It is essential to calculate the total cost of doing these modifications. If the estimates are running as high as 70% of procuring new furniture then you may opt for buying new ones or bring down the estimate by reducing cost of materials.Either way you should always take a note of the value for money you get.

You may hire a professional to do these jobs. is one site for your reference for services you can expect to avail from a professional.


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