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Why customers prefer to purchase casement windows for their house?

Available in different designs, the casement windows can be opened fully like the doors with crank, cam handle or lever that act like locks and are placed at the bottom or at hand height. To keep the windows open outward during strong winds; friction-hinge, stay or crank is used. Hinges attach the windows to the sides of the frames. Hopper type of casement window is hinged at the bottom while the awning window is hinged at the top. A casement stay is used for holding the windows open. Glazing compound or putty is used to set the glass panes firmly in the frame.

Millions of satisfied customers love to have the casement windows that are advantageous in many ways.

Security – The casement windows provide more security than the other type of windows. Nobody can dare break the same as the casements locks contain the hooks that are inserted within the frame itself, thereby making it protected from any sort of breakage or harm. The quality SUS304 Stainless Steel lock set material and the heavy duty handles & hinges used for the casement windows makes them stand different as compared to other windows in terms of enhanced security and well-being.

Extensive range – You have a wide choice of design, colors, sizes and the material of the casement windows that suit your taste. Just have a glance at the prairie grill, top down grille, colonial grill, no grill, push-out, flat top or the French type of casement windows and procure the suitable one. Then comes the material; i.e. aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, wood covered with aluminum, steel or simple wood – carry home the one you like the most. You are at liberty to purchase the casement windows that are available in different delighting colors and sizes. Choice depends entirely upon your requirements and pocket too.

Comfortable airing and economical – Natural airing and lights are facilitated with casement windows that allow the same to enter your premises without any hindrance. Abundance of these two natural blessings means reduction in electricity bills and enrichment too.

Energy efficient –No moisture or draft could enter your homes as the tightly sealed casement windows prevent the same with enhanced energy-efficiency. Additionally, you are saved much from external noises. These aspects are advantageous for your health too.

User-friendly – Equipped with the tandem or single-lever latches, the casement windows can be opened or closed with great ease. Moreover, these unique windows can be opened to extended lengths whereas it is not possible with the other ones. The latest models of casement windows facilitate you to have the automatic openers too that provide great ease.

Durability and easy maintenance – It is convenient to clean and maintain the casement windows as you can open them full. These windows are more durable than the others as the anti rust features keep them intact for long and hence lessen the replacement chances greatly. Moreover, the chances of glass breakage are too little as the same are fixed firmly with putty or the Glazing material.

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