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Window Blinds for Patio Doors

Patio doors are one of the areas in which you can use different decor treatments to give it a unique look. Often patios have large sliding glasses that let sunlight come in throughout the year and let you look at the outside environmental beauty. However, if you want to restrict the amount of sunlight coming in, you can opt for different window treatments like PVC cafe and vertical. Here is a lowdown on that;

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are considered the best option for patio doors. The reason behind this is that they suite the door’s vertical lines. You can adjust these vertical lines as per the amount of light you want. It is advisable that you opt for PVC blinds that are fabric covered. They are highly durable and also play an important role in preventing heat loss.

Vertical blinds are long material pieces. They are hung from a long rod that is attached at the top of the door.

Horizontal Blinds

In case you have a preference for horizontal blinds, then wood blinds should be your best option. Wooden blinds are thick and can comfortably withstand the regular opening and closing of blinds. Moreover even if you open and shut the patio door frequently, it can resist the damage.

Note: home designers and decor professionals recommend wooden blinds for sliding patio doors. This is because wooden blinds creates the required privacy by blocking the required amount of light.

It is advisable that you install two sets of wooden blinds on the two sliding doors. This will help you access the blinds easier.

Aluminum Blinds

This is the best option for cases when:

  • you have children in your home
  • you use the patio doors frequently

Tip: you can go for spring-tempered aluminum

Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds are considered a better option than wooden blinds. They provide more privacy than the wooden blinds. The best feature about bamboo blinds are that they offer partial sunlight to come in.

Note: bamboo blinds are delicate compared to aluminum and wood. Thus you need to be careful to prevent damaging them.

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Shutters and Screens

You can also opt for shutters and screens for your sliding door patios. It is advisable that you go for louvered shutters. This will let you adjust the light in spite of the shutters being closed. It is better to opt for two sets of shutters. This will help you close one shutter and keep the other open.

Translucent screens are good for patio doors. They offer you less sunlight and more privacy. Moreover, they are ideal for home decor purpose as well. You can choose the translucent screens depending on the type of look you want to give to your room.

You can also opt for insulated drapes. They will prevent sun’s warmth in summer and heat loss in winter.

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