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YouTube as an Effective Marketing Tool

If one talks about the best medium of business promotion, undoubtedly a promotional video will rank on the top. Video is growing at such a brisk pace on internet that around 2017 the video traffic will be 80 to 90 percent of the global consumer traffic. Currently, a mind boggling 37% of internet usage is made of video streaming. YouTube has over 1 billion users and roughly around 4 billion views per day and even bad videos get prominently featured in the search results.

It can be easily derived from the above information that YouTube can be used as a great marketing tool for the businesses. A well made video that reflects your brand, work style and principles can certainly used the number 3 ranked website to a good effect for company’s benefit. But, before doing that here are some tips that need to be followed.

  • Upload lots of videos but don’t notify subscribers every time: Its silly to upload a video onto YouTube then allow subscribers from getting notified. But, your frequent email notifications can either end up in the spam folder or the subscriber may get annoyed with the overflow of emails and simply unsubscribe.  A careful selection of which notifications to send and which not to be definitely going to help.
  • Include a call-to-action in your video: Although it seems pretty straight forward, but it is of utmost importance to direct your viewers towards taking an action after watching your videos. A gentle reminder at the end of the video will help in your promotion and that too at the cost of small effort o the viewers. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.
  • Make interactive videos:  Interactive videos always succeed in getting a substantial audience base, making up to 10% of the video views a month. Responding to comments ad tweets & Making a video FAQ are some smart ways of encourage sharing of your video.
  • Pay attention to how much of your video is being watched: The number of views to a YouTube video is important, but so is the YouTube’s ranking algorithm that considers how much of each video is being watched. A good use of YouTube Analytics to figure out the possible problems can help you in working out a way for longer viewership and ultimately, improved rate of success.
  • Keep them watching: No matter whether the content o your video is promotional, educational, informational, or entertaining. A short and simple video will interest your viewers in watching the full video.  Another useful tip if to create a playlist of related videos so that after watching one short but useful video, your viewers will want to watch more, giving you a better chance of promotion.
  • Consult a professional: Even after following all the above steps and more, you are not getting the results you are looking for. Sometimes your inexperience plays a key role by not letting you figure out the correct marketing strategy. That’s where video production and marketing professionals such as One Productions can come to the party. These video production houses have all the years of experience and strategies to guide you in the right direction. With the help of their tactics and strategies you can definitely end up reaching the desired results.

After all the above mentioned tips the most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is, it’s the quality content of your video that will have the last laugh. So, make sure that the content you produced is slick, rich and truly reflects your brand identity in every possible way. Anything less, could be potentially harmful and brand damaging, not an enhancing exercise. The right key to establish confidence and trusts in your brands are a cinematic, glossy, professional finish that not only looks attractive, but also say the right things in terms of the content. Don’t leave any stone unturned in ensuring that you have a professionally produced video that reflects the professional nature of your brand.


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